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PrinterSetup is a batch print queue deployment system. It is spicifically designed to provide support for CUPS print queues.
Extensive print queue deployment support is availible for Mac OS X. Take control of your CUPS print queues with PrinterSetup.

Questions, suggestions, and improvments may be discussed via the PrinterSetup mailing list.

In order to view the screen casts QuickTime is required.

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To download screen casts press control while
clicking and holding on a screen cast link.
Then select "Download Linked File".

Please be patient while any screen cast is loading.
Some screen casts are may take a while to download.

It is recommended that after you start downloading a screen cast,
you drink a coffee or other satisfying beverage, as the
screen cast download sometimes takes a while.

PrintingWorks : Introduction

PrinterSetup : Quick Start : Download and Installation

PrinterSetup : Quick Start : Using the Handy PrinterSetupDroplet

PrinterSetup :Quick Start : Basic Setup

PrinterSetup : Quick Start : Deletion and Creation of Printers at Login

PrinterSetup : Deployment : Creating Apple Packages to Deploy Queues and Drivers

PrinterSetup : Deployment : Managing Queue Groups Using Name Prefixing

PrinterSetup : Deployment : Dynamic Configuration Based on Group Membership

PrinterSetup is a flexible, open-source printer setup system,
released for the benefit of system administrators and is a component of
PrintingWorks, an open source print accouting solution.

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